It's all in the name!

Lifelong Choices enables Secondary School students to make informed career choices while still at high school. Students can experience and achieve skills in the area of; cookery, customer service, workplace HSE and food safety requirements as well as pick up learning from embedded communication, literacy and numeracy - all important competencies that are required in today’s workplace.

Lifelong Choices provide “best practise” experiential learning for students who work with us, and their school, through a partnership arrangement, meeting the individual learning needs of each student. The combined support structure scaffold's a student's journey from school to trade and service based employment, or further tertiary studies. Examples of successful outcomes may be; the student who wishes to go on to complete higher qualifications in cookery and hospitality, or a student who has picked up enough life and work skills to support them in part-time work, while attending university learning to become a lawyer or a veterinarian for example, or someone who knows the importance of hygienic food preparation and cooking, and wants to learn more about how to prepare quality, nutritious, seasonal dishes to later become fully qualified chef. Our role is support and facilitate that exciting journey!